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The petite Woman has always been at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to shopping for clothes and footwear. Petite Women make up a relatively small demographic in the market place and many designers and manufacturers choose to save operating costs by ignoring this segment of the market. Likewise retailers are often reluctant to invest inventory dollars on smaller sizes for fear they will not be able to sell them.

In these challenging business times it is hard to fault a smaller retailer for not carrying a large selection of smaller size footwear that may or may not sell. It makes far better business sense to stock more popular sizes that have a much larger demand and therefore, a better chance of selling. As someone who has worked in the shoe industry for most of my life I can confirm that a retailer will sell 10 to 15 pairs of a woman's size 8 to every one pair of size 5.

Petitefeet.com was founded in February 2000 for the fashion minded woman who needs a small size shoe.
After more than 50 years in the shoe industry we saw a clear need for an online Women's Shoe Store that specializes in small sizes. Any woman that wears a size 6 or smaller knows how difficult it is to find name brand, fashionable shoes in small sizes. Thanks to our affiliation with Shoebuy.com we are proud to offer the woman who wears a size six or below a great selection of the very latest styles and colors in women's footwear down to a size four. Our menu below will take you directly to today's selection of styles, colors and prices in your size.

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Shoebuy supports various charitable organizations by making donations and volunteering staff time. Charitable organizations Shoebuy has supported include American Red Cross, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Camp Harbor View, March of Dimes, National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, Oxfam America, Partners In Health, Sierra Club, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, The Home for Little Wanderers, Two Ten Footwear Foundation, and United Way.

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